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Really grateful to Salman for making me realise where I was going wrong, says Pratyusha!

November 22, 2013 Leave a comment

The bacchi of the house, Pratyusha Banerjee is out of Bigg Boss house, and she is evidently happy about her exit. And now that she is out, she has no inhibitions in admitting that the inmates were saying all kind of terrible and weird things just to grab attention.

However, she is glad to have found her true friend in Kamya Punjabi, who is still inside the show.  “Kamya is my dear friend and she thinks from her heart. She is very frank and forthright and totally different from her screen image. And as a former co-contestant, I really want her to win Big Boss 7 because she is not fake,” says she. Read more…

I could not survive amidst so many wolves, says Pratyusha Banerjee!

November 21, 2013 Leave a comment

It would have been real hard for Pratyusha Banerjee to break the stereotype image she formed playing Anandi in popular Colors’ show Balika Vadhu, had she not entered Bigg Boss 7 house. However, now she is happy that she has come out of the controversial house, and is ready to start afresh.

Quizzed what could be the reason behind her ouster in the show, she said, “May be I wasn’t giving the “content!” After all, it is a content-driven show! So, that is fair enough.” Read more…

Bigg Boss experience was scary, says Pratyusha Banerjee!

November 18, 2013 Leave a comment

The youngest, cutest but a non-performer of Bigg Boss house, Pratyusha Banerjee  has been eliminated from the house after a tough vote-out last Saturday. She was in elimination with likes Gauhar Khan, Kamya Punjabi, Tanisha Mukherjee and Ajaz Khan. It was said to be the toughest vote-out of the season, where each contestant was equally important to the show.

Talking about the experience on the show, Pratyusha admits that she felt vulnerable and unprotected as one of the inmates. “I was the youngest and I am also a very private person. I connect with very few close friends in real life. Suddenly, I was thrown together with all these people I had never met. Everyone in there was much older than me. It was scary. But it was also a challenge. I’ve come away from the experience much stronger and I’d like to think wiser.” Read more…

Salman Khan was biased towards Tanisha, says Kushal Tandon!

October 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Bigg Boss’ ex-inmate Kushal Tandon speaks out about the whole controversy happened in the house this week, which leads to his exit from the house. He is evicted by Bigg Boss after getting violent with housemate Andy. Gauhar Khan, her closest friends in the house, too, had joined him taking voluntary exit from the house.

Speaking about the reaction of Salman Khan where he slammed on Kushal for being rude to housemate Tanisha Mukerji last weekend, Kushal, 29, feels that Salman was biased towards her and lashed out at him for wrong reasons. He said, “I was a huge fan of Salman. I did not expect that Salman bhai will do this to me. But I also understand his emotions. He is emotional like me and I could relate to him. It was his personal decision but he was biased towards Tanisha. I haven`t done anything wrong.” Read more…

Finally Shilpa-Apurva to live in same heaven side of Bigg Boss 7!

With a surprising tabadla held by Bigg Boss between Hell and Heaven mates, all the planning and plotting of the housemates went into frenzy. BB calls Kamya Punjabi and Kushal Tondon to the confession room and asks them to discuss with their respective housemates and with mutual consensus give one name of the person who has performed the best and one name who has performed the least in the luxury budget task.

The Jahanumwasi decided Apurva Agnihotri‘s name as he was brave and sporty enough to chop his hair off and Elli‘s name for weak performer. While other side, the heaven-mates recommended Shilpa‘s name for the best performer and Asif‘s name for the weak performer. Read more…

Does Pratyusha Banerjee back-bitch in Bigg Boss house?

September 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Bigg Boss is a magical house indeed that helps viewer to see the real face and nature of their favorite celebrity. Balika Vadhu fame Pratyusha Banerjee, better known as Anandi, had appeared in a very docile way before the camera. She had become household name with her encouraging on screen stints and was appreciated to the core by fans and critics.

But, it seems the table has been flipped in Bigg Boss house where the actress is seen quite opposite to her earlier appearance. Recently in the reality show, Bigg Boss called Arman and Gauhar Khan in the confession room and asked Arman to nominate two Jannatwaasis who have least contributed to the task and Gauhar to nominate two contestants who have contributed to most from the hell side. Read more…

Why Sara Khan lashed out on Pratyusha Banerjee?

September 21, 2013 Leave a comment

 Sara Khan got to know that her former best friend Pratyusha Banerjee has recently said something bad about her on reality show Bigg Boss 7. Pratyusha said that ever since Sara Khan started dating Paras Chabbra, she has been in a different shell and she is not her, but ex boyfriend Makrand Deshpande’s friend.

Well, it seems it didn’t go down well with Sara, who came out lashing on Pratyusha aka ex Anandi of Balika Vadhu.  An angry Sara said, “Yes, I was never Pratyusha’s best friend for she would always back bitch about me to others. To be honest she never had friends. Anyone she knew, she would talk bad about me to them and the news would come back to me.” Read more…