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Priyamvada Kant will essay a cameo role in The Buddy Project!

Young actress Priyamvada Kant, who made appearance in many dailies like Bairi Piya, Bayttaab, Humari Saas Leela, Sabki Ladli Bebo, Sasural Simar Ka, will soon make a glamorous entry in Channel V’s popular youth show The Buddy Project, which is being produced by Sunshine Productions. Priyamvada Kant will essay a cameo role in the show.

The show that never misses a chance to amuse its audiences will soon bring interesting drama with a loyalty test on KD (Fahad Ali). “Priyamvada will essay Kamna, a very classy cute teenager, who has been brought by her best friend Kiya (Bharti Kumar) to do a loyalty test on her boy friend KD.” Read more…


KD to pass love-test in The Buddy Project 2!

Love is blossoming around Channel [V]’s popular show The Buddy Project 2, produced by Sunshine Productions. While on one side young college goers have been trying every bit to make relationship healthy, the sweet couple KD (Fahad Ali) and Kiya (Bharati Kumar) are set to give you some interesting and fun sequences in the coming episodes of the show.

In the ongoing track, one could see that both have been bickering on small topics like usual couples do, but soon there will the testing time of love for KD. As seen he forgets to wish Kiya on her birthday, she will now play pricey and will also plan a loyalty test to check his true love for her. Read more…

Romance and comedy to be witnessed on KD-Kiya’s first date on The Buddy Project!

Finally after a lot of hues and cries, KD (Fahad Ali) will go for his first date with none other than his love interest Kiya (Bharti Kumar). The Buddy Project of Channel V will bring you one of the most happening date of the season where a lot of drama has been lined up along with romance and comedy.

There will be a celebratory ambience seen on the show when KD announces that he’s going for his first date. His buddies will train him how to impress his lady love on a date. This will also bring comedy sequence for the audience.  “KD will have a very romantic time with Kiya over dinner and surprises. But their happiness will be short lived when the buddies, Ranveer (Kunal Jaisingh), Piddi (Nikhil Mehta), Panchi (Palak Jain) will drop in to help KD overcome his fright of dating, but instead will end up messing up things. With the whole gang getting together under the same roof, it will be impossible for everything to go right,” informed sources. Read more…

The kids of The Buddy Project season 2 mistakenly consumes drug!

Sunshine Production youth oriented show The Buddy Project season 2 on Channel V has constantly been throwing in track which depicts the problems present in youngsters during college time. They had already showcased plots like, exam time, sports activities, friendship, crash, love and more.

Now, latest is that in the forthcoming episodes there will be a party sequence witnessed by audience. The party will be organised around the college premises and will see high point drama during it. Sources informed, “Piddi (Nikhil Mehta) will want more fun and will order some bhaang, but it will get replaced with real drugs and will cause a hell lot of troubles in the college. The drugs will cause a high among the students leading to some funny moments too.” Read more…

Don’t think audience relates to me as a flirtatious or overtly romantic person, says Fahad Ali!

Being a chocolaty boy in t-town with such an intense looks, handsome actor Fahad Ali has become most dated person and most popular among youngsters these days. And entire credit goes to his angry young man image in his show The Buddy Project Season 2, produced by Sunshine Productions on Channel V.

During an interview with source, he spilled the beans about his show, popularity, and future plans. First about his show, he said, “It is going really good; it is smooth and calm at the moment. With so many more characters involved in the show, currently, we do not shoot as much as we shot in the first season. So, with no more hectic schedules, it’s kind of relaxing.” Read more…

Reel connects with real life in The Buddy Project!

Fiction is soon to be seen catering some facts on Channel V’s The Buddy Project helmed by Sunshine Productions.

It was one quite unexpected moment for Manish Nawani, who currently plays the role Avijeet in The Buddy Project, to work with Harsh Rajput, who will soon enter as Ishan in Channel V’s Crazy Stupid Ishq (Sphere Origins). The two of them had met each other at a party two years ago without having the least idea of bumping into one another this way and working together. Read more…

It’s time for the conflicts to end in The Buddy Project!

No story on TV screen can run without a little conflict and this is what brings in the much needed spice in the shows.  Channel [V]‘s youth centric show, The Buddy Project (Sunshine Productions) has experienced a lot of conflict in the recent past.

And if go by sources then the mentor of the buddies, Anirudh Jaitley (Manav Gohil) now wishes the animosity to come to an end. In the silent episode he was deeply grieved to see the students fighting. As per a source, “Jaitley will come up with a master plan to bring them together. He has some tricks up his sleeve and throws up a challenge to the students. They may not want to accept the challenge though.” Read more…