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Pooja Kanwal Mahtani makes comeback on television with Colors’ Sanskaar!

November 27, 2013 Leave a comment

The pretty-faced actress Pooja Kanwal Mahtani is geared up to make comeback on small screen with ColorsSanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki, where she will be seen playing the sister of Ketki. Pooja claimed to fame with Sony TV’s show Palampur Express and then she was seen in Sasural Genda Phool on Star Plus, and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha on Colors.

Speaking of her role in Sanskaar, she said,  “I play the role of Deepika, who happens to be Ketki’s sister. She has got back from USA. Though the girl is bred outside India, she has deep-rooted values and is very Indian. She is a replica of what Bhoomi (Kadambari Kadam) was, and this actually makes the family wonder whether she is the right match for Jay (Jay Soni). Jay and Deepika have known each other for long, and they are good friends. As of now, I am shooting the scenes where I share a good equation with the members in the Vaishnav family.” Read more…

Sanskaar to witness Ram Leela track!

October 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Post the death of Bhoomi, husband Jay (Jai Soni) has lost all his beliefs in God and religion but soon in the coming episodes of Sanskaar-Dharohar Apon Ki he will be forced to be a part of Ram Leela and will end up playing lead character of Ram in the act.

In the last episode one could notice that the property dispute between Chandrika and Vaishnav family has hit its peak with the former kidnapping the daughter of Dilip (Karthik Soni) and Ketki (Divya Bhatnagar).  Now in tonight’s episode, Jai will go hunting for little Aarvi who has been kidnapped by Chandrika’s family. The new female lead Tejasvi Welingker will also mark her entry on the show in tonight’s episode. Read more…

Not Sanskaar but a new Sony TV’s show for Krystle D’Souza!

October 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Recently it was reported that Krystle D’Souza, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai fame, is being roped in to play the female lead in ColorsSanskaar, which has begin with its second season. But latest news says that Krystle has been dropped out from the role, while a newbie Tejasvi Welingkar has been signed to play lead Dhara in Sanskaar, aired 7pm from Monday to Saturday.

But it doesn’t mean that it was the last opportunity Krystle has missed because the girl is flooded with offers coming her way from many producers. If buzz has to be believed, she has been offered the lead role in Jay Mehta and Kinnari Mehta’s upcoming show, based on women empowerment, for Sony Entertainment Television. The producers have also approached telly actors like Smita Jaykar, Padmini Kolhapure, Deblina Chatterjee and Karan Sharma to play key roles on the show. Krystle is presently in talks to play the lead role. Read more…

Krystle D’Souza might take female lead post in Sanskaar!

As it is already reported that second season of Sanskaar Dharohar Apon Ki will start with a new story but same star cast expect its female lead Bhoomi, played by Kadambari Kadam. Now it has been gathered that the makers of the show are searching a better replacement of Kadambari who can take the show to new heights.

It has been heard that telly favorite Krystle D’Souza has been approached for the lead role opposite Jay Soni in the second season, which is slated to replace Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal’s time slot of 7pm on Colors. Read more…

New series of Sanskaar will witness a new entry and Bhoomi’s exit!

The promos of new series of Sanskaar-Dharohar Apnon Ki have begun to air on Colors featuring all the previous characters in their original form. However, if believe the buzz, the new season will introduce few new characters into the story line. A new girl, protagonist of the show, will be seen in Kishan’s (Jay Soni) life.

Produced by Cinematra Productions and Anahita Productions, the show will see a change in original   flavour with a village backdrop gaining prominence. The creative team is currently working on the new track, which will mark Bhoomi’s, essayed by Kadambari Kadam, exit from the show. Earlier season, Bhoomi was seen playing a NRI bahu of Vaishnav family, who is very dutiful and a quick learner of Indian culture. Now, in the forthcoming season, it has to be seen how the center character Bhoomi will make exit from the story. Read more…

Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal to air bi-weekly from November!

Recently it was reported that Colors’ comedy show Mr. Pammi Pyarelal, starring Gaurav Gera as female lead Pammi, is going off air, just to make space for Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki’s season two. The latter show will replace Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal from the first week of October.

Sanskaar, which went off air early in the month of September to make way for Bigg Boss 7, will be aired at 7 pm, Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal’s time-slot, from October 7. Earlier, reports said, the fate of Pammi, which launched this July, is yet to be decided. According to sources, there are chances of it shifting to the weekend slot. Read more…

Life OK’s Savitri to air its last episode on 4 October!

September 18, 2013 Leave a comment

The way television shows are wrapping up these days, our sympathy goes with the audience, which got attached with their favorite stars but have to leave them in no time. As per the report of last week, there are more than five shows that are placed under the scanner or going off air soon. Few from the unlucky shows are Sanskaar, Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Angan Hoga, Mrs. Pammi Pyare Laal and more.

Now, latest one to join the line of flop show is Life OK’s Savitri, produced by Flying Turtles Films that was launched amidst great fanfare on 18 February this year. It is slated to air its last episode on 4 October (2013). The show had a promising cast and used cutting edge technology. But neither the special effects nor the characters of the show were able to sustain a higher viewership. It is believed that Mallika Sherawat’s Bachelorette India will replace Savitri. Read more…

Sanskaar to replace Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal!

September 18, 2013 Leave a comment

With Colors’ family show Sanskaar coming to launch its second season, it is heard that comedy show Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal is being ditched by the channel to make space for the former show. The makers, Playtime Creations, are told by the channel to wrap up things as they are dumping it on October 5.

Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal went on air on 15th July 2013. According to the sources, the show, considering it comedy and unique plot, is liked by the audience but couldn’t sustain the viewership for long. It has reached to the least position on the channel’s TRP board. Thus they have decided to pull its curtain. Read more…

Sanskaar Dharohar Apno Ki to get a new time slot!

September 18, 2013 Leave a comment

To make space for Colors’ biggest reality show Bigg Boss, some of the daily soaps had to be sacrificed and bid adieu, like Cinemantras’ production Sanskaar Dharohar Apno Ki and Sunshine ProductionsNa Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha season 2.

But as per the latest reports, Sanskaar Dharohar Apno Ki, which was premiered with great pomp and fanfare, early this January, is likely to have its season 2, or will be re-launched with a new time slot on the same channel. Read more…

Kapil Sharma flirted with me on CNWK, says Shamim Mannan!

Television actress Shamim Mannan, who recently made headlines when walked out from Colors’ family show Sanskaar, was spotted having a special episode on Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma.

Speaking about her presence on Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma, Shamim, who left the daily soap owing medical reasons, said, “I came as a celebrity actor on the show. I come to a dhaba owned by Kapil. He tries to flirt and get close to me.” Read more…

Ankit to secretly marry Bharti in Sanskaar!

Though Cinematra and Anahita Production’s family show Sanskaar Dharohar Apno Ki on Colors is going off air on 14 September, the creative team is still active rising up the drama for the audience. The coming episode will see drama with Bharti (Supriya Kumari) and Ankit (Avinash Mukherjee) announcing to the family that they have got married.

In the last episode, Kishan (Jay Soni) has decided to leave the house along with wife Bhoomi (Kadambari Kadam) in order to avoid the batwara that Ramila (Supriya Shukla) has been demanding for. But when they are about to leave, grandmother Ansu Baa (Aruna Irani) stops them reading a letter of her husband for his grand-son Kishan. The letter reads: Kishan is the only owner of his belongings like the courtyard, his charkha and many other such things. Read more…

Muskaan Mihani set to tie the knot with businessman Tushal Sobhani!

After television actors like Jay Soni (Sanskaar fame), Aashka Goradia (Bigg Boss fame) announced their wedding dates that is near soon, here comes one more small screen fraternity member who shared the brilliant news of her marriage.

Gorgeous actress Muskaan Mihani, who got engaged earlier this year, has announced that she is going to marry businessman Tushal Sobhani this September 1. The couple, who exchanged rings on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya will enter into marital lock on fortunate date September 1, 2013. Read more…

Jay Soni getting engaged this month!

It seems like television industry is celebrating the season of love, romance, engagement and marriages. Recently it was reported that actor Aashka Goradia is finally getting married to her long time boyfriend Rohit Bakshi.

Now, latest one who is dying to paint Tellywood red is Jay Soni. Yes, the popular and talented actor, who is currently seen in Telly show Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki, is getting engaged this month end to Pooja Shah, a footwear designer. Read more…

Bhoomi-Kishan to leave Vaishnav family in Sanskaar!

Colors’ family show Sanskaar-Dharohar Apon Ki, presented by Anahita and Cinemantra Productions, is not leaving the drama quotient making up, even though the channel has announced date when it will air its last episodes, i.e. September 14. It will wrap up to make space for Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss season 7.

Now, talking about the twist in Sanskaar, it will highlight the devious planning and plotting of Bharti (Supriya Kumari) and Ankit (Avinash Mukherjee), who are hell-bent to kick out Kishan (Jay Soni) and Bhoomi (Kadambari Kadam) from the Vaishnav family. They have been trying their best to not just separate the couple but also the Vaishnav family. In fact a volcano of dramatic elements is about to erupt, that will end in the Vaishnav family splitting into two. And in the coming episode their plan will almost come through, but as usual Kishan and Bhoomi will manage to save the family. Read more…

Na Bole Tum and Sanskaar will go off air on 13 September 2013!

August 12, 2013 1 comment

Here is a big revelation set to occur on the entertainment channel Colors. Buzz doing around the telly town states that the channel will pull down the curtain on its two family shows, Na Bole Tum Na  Maine Kuch Kaha 2 and Sanskar Dharohar Apnon Ki, to make one hour space for India’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss season 7, which is being produced by Endemol India.

“Sanskar Dharohar Apnon Ki (Cinematra, Anahita Productions) and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 (Sunshine Productions) going off air or the former getting shifted to an afternoon slot has been talked about in the media. However, it is now hear a confirmation on these two shows going off air on 13 September (2013),” report said. Read more…