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Ankita Sharma’s guest appearance in Maha episode of Jai Maa Vindhyavasini!

September 13, 2013 Leave a comment

 Ankita Sharma, better known as Nimrit from Life OK’s popular daily soap Amrit Manthan will be seen making guest appearance in the Maha episode of Jai Maa Vindhyavasini. The show is soon bringing Ganesh Chathurti celebration and with the same a whole lot of changes in the lives of Shiv and Gauri will be revealed.

According to the sources, “On this auspicious occasion of Ganpati celebrations going on with a lot of gusto, Soorajbhan is busy plotting his marriage with Gauri using Vikram as a pawn. While Gauri’s sister-in-law Kamla is fully aware of this evil plan by Soorajbhan, she doesn’t reveal anything to the family. Gauri and Shiv are at loggerheads ever since the proposal. Shiv wants to save Gauri from the wretched Soorajbhan at the cost of his life.” Read more…

Ankita Sharma might be seen in Rashmi Sharma’s next for Sony TV!

August 10, 2013 1 comment

After casting in television actors Urvashi Dholakia and Rohit Purohit, Rashmi Sharma‘s upcoming project for Sony Entertainment Television, was looking for the face who can lead the show. And if believe buzz Ankita Sharma has been tipped to essay the protagonist in the show.

Talented and beautiful Ankita Sharma, who has recently appeared in Life OK‘s Amrit Manthan, had earlier worked with Sony Entertainment Television in their light hearted show Baat Hamari Pakki Hai. Now it seems the actress will be back on the channel if everything falls in proper place. Read more…

Amrit Manthan will breathe its last on July 26!

July 1, 2013 1 comment

After facing a lot of ups and downs in term of viewership, ratings, storyline and characterization, Life OK’s long running show Amrit Manthan is going to pull down the curtain on July 26 that is it’s off air date, officially announced by authority of channel.

Produced by Rajan Shahi, it was launched on February 26, 2012 with all pump and glory. It went on to become most likely show of the channel and its characters like Amrit played by Adaa Khan and Nimrit played by two actresses Dimple Jhangiani  and Ankita Sharma are highly appreciated by daily buffs. Read more…

Adaa Khan and Ankita Sharma are at tiff!

Misunderstanding can overpower any healthy relation and this is being presently witnessed in the relation amidst the female leads of Rajan Shahi‘s Amrit Manthan on Life OK.

Sources say that the leading ladies of the show, Adaa Khan aka Amrit and Ankita Sharma aka Nimrit, who play the loving sisters on screen, are not even in talking terms off-screen. The tension amidst them is so high that they don’t even exchange pleasantries. As per sources, “The actresses don’t even exchange “smiles” when they pass by. The reason is well known by the two as the scene wasn’t that bad initially when they both started shooting.” Read more…

Nimrit to get Karan kidnapped in Amrit Manthan!

Life OK‘s Amrit Manthan helmed by Director’s Kut Productions always comes up with the unexpected twist for its viewers. As seen so far, it is known to Nimrit (Ankita Sharma) that Karan (Angad Hasija) has come to their life in order to seek revenge.

Nimrit has come to know that Karan is living under the fake the identity of Angad and is looking to destroy the Malik family as he holds Nimrit responsible for the death of his sister. However, he is not aware that it was Amrit (Adaa Khan) who was the person responsible for the turmoil. Now that Amrit is a changed soul, Nimrit will try hard to keep her away from facing any wrath of the same. Read more…

Ankita Sharma aka Nimrit might take exit from Amrit Manthan!

Television actress Ankita Sharma, who is acclaimed for portrayal of Nimrit in Amrit Manthan, which airs on Life OK, is reportedly not satisfied with her pay package, which she is getting from the production house and is pondering to quit the show.

Ankita has been associated with Amrit Manthan since it went on air on February 26, 2012. She is playing second lead opposite Adaa Khan aka Amrit in the show. But according to source, she is not satisfied with the pay package she gets from her producers and needs a hike. Owing to the actress’ courteous behavior, the producers have asked for time to think over her proposal and if producers agree to Ankita’s quoted amount she will remain or else the makers will need to find a new Nimrit or play with the track. Read more…

Nimrit to be attacked by Angad in Amit Manthan!

Director’s Kut ProductionsAmrit Manthan aired on Life OK has been churning out some interesting episodes these days. And the upcoming ones too are going to be equally gripping and entertaining.

As per a source, “In the upcoming tracks of the show, a big drama awaits for the viewers as Angad (Angad Hasija) will attempt to kill Nimrit (Ankita Sharma). The incident will be happening in the party of Mahi and Sunita‘s wedding anniversary celebration. A big truth will also be revealed before the audiences about the person who is behind all the life threats that Nimrit was getting. The big twist in tale is that Angad was the person who was threatening Nimrit.” Read more…

Amrit to give her bone marrow to Bani in Amrit Manthan!

Life OK’s Amrit Manthan helmed by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut is coming up with some eye-catching tracks with viewers getting to see the emotional side of Amrit (Adaa Khan) wherein she is taking her first step towards Amrit Manthan getting close with the little girl Bani.

But Amrit will be all shattered to know that her loving Bani is suffering from leukemia. On the other end, Bani’s mother Nimrit (Ankita Sharma) is already dealing with the pain and is trying hard to seek a donor who can give bone marrow to Bani. As seen in the last episode, no one in the family has a bone marrow matching with that of Bani. And this is when Amrit will come forward to get her bone marrow tested, and to the surprise of all, her marrow will be the right match. Read more…

Amrit Manthan is likely to end on April 26!

Looks like the generation leap didn’t work out well for Life OK’s one of the most entertaining shows, Amrit Manthan, as the show has been placed down under the scanner by channel after low TRPs.

According to source, the reason of discarding Amrit Manthan might be the upcoming season of IPL. The makers of Life OK, in an attempt to maintain the viewership of the channel during IPL season, are set to launch few new shows. And to locate new shows on the board, they have to pull off their current ongoing show, says source. Read more…

Amrit to change for good in Amrit Manthan!

Offering a combination of entertainment and social massage, Life OK’s popular show Amrit Manthan is coming to present something innovative with Holi celebration episode. It will make people aware of using Holi colors which are chemical free and harmless.

In a special Holi sequence, they will bring the antagonist Amrit (Adaa Khan) as a transformed girl who is concerned about other people. As known, she is getting changed for Nimrit‘s (Ankita Sharma) daughter Bani and in the coming episode she will reach at the palace after long 7 years just to meet Bani. Read more…

Time for some romance between Agam and Nimrit in Amrit Manthan!

Directors Kut‘s Amrit Manthan on Life OK has constantly been throwing in surprises for audiences and there has been high drama galore.

Recently it was shown that Agam (Navi Bhangu) was bitten by a snake after which he is staying at Nimrit‘s (Ankita Sharma) house to get himself treated. During his stay in Nimrit’s house, both will feel uncomfortable in each other’s presence. Nimrit even start doubting whether Agam is again entering her life. She will even be reminded that the Sardarji who had come to her place and saved her from goons somewhat looked similar to Agam. She will recall everything and recognize his love towards her. Read more…

Amrit Manthan to bring in some more drama!

Amrit Manthan has been going good so far, but now as it has become tedious in its pace, the makers of the show have realized to bring in some twists and turns and drama into the show.

Sources say that Agam (Navi Bhangu) will decide to open up a restaurant in front of his wife Nimrit’s (Ankita Sharma) dhaba along with Amrit (Adaa Khan). When Nimrit’s and Agam’s daughter come to know about it, she pleads Agam not to open it up at the spot. Read more…

Adaa Khan gets inspired by Bollywood actor Rekha!

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Rajan Shahi‘s Amrit Manthan aired on Life OK, is the only show after Mahadev that has managed to strike the chord with the masses. The show recently witnessed a leap and even a time slot change. Now aired at the 7:30pm slot, Amrit Manthan will soon see an important swimming pool sequence.

Buzz states that Amrit aka Adaa Khan, the antagonist of the show, will throw Agam (Navi Bhangu) – who is scared of water – in the pool. Read more…

Agam will fail to recognize his daughter in Amrit Manthan!

February 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Director’s Kut ProductionsAmrit Manthan, on Life OK, has recently experienced a leap and is now churning out interesting twists at the new time slot of 7:30pm.

The upcoming episodes will unfold major mysteries. Surces say that Agam (Navi Bhangu), who has lost his memory, will be unable to recognize anything. Later he will bump into his and Nimrit‘s (Ankita Sharma) daughter. Though he will fail to recognize her but would get emotionally attached to her not knowing that fact that he is her father. Read more…

The best of Amrit Manthan is going to come up, says Rajan Shahi!

February 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Rajan Shahi‘s Amrit Manthan on Life OK recently took a giant leap and is presently showcasing some new tracks in order to woo the masses. Not just this, it is even up for a slot change and from February 18, it will start getting aired at the 7:30pm slot.

The upcoming episodes of the show will witness some high points and major confrontation. Sources say that a big party sequence is awaited in the upcoming episodes of the show which will lead to some high voltage drama. Viewers will see Nimrit‘s (Ankita Sharma) child getting slapped by Amrit (Adaa Khan). Read more…