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Priya Shinde to play a brat in Channel V’s Suvreen Guggal!

The Splitsvilla girl Priya Shinde has been trying hard to make it big in the TV world. Post her stint in the MTV reality show; she bagged a cameo in Star One’s Geet Hui Sabse Parayi.

Though it couldn’t do much for her but Priya later bagged a negative lead in Imagine’s Mi Aaji Aur Saheb but to her dismay, the channel’s end has blocked her way too. However, if believe the sources then luck has given her a chance once again. Read more…

Sakshi Mami’s true face to come before Aaji in Imagine’s Me Aaji Aur Saheb!

Imagine TV’s daily Me Aaji Aur Sahib is going to experience some drama in the coming episodes. Sources reveal that in the coming track Sakshi Mami’s (Shreya More) real face will be disclosed in front of Aaji which will turn into a verbal spat between the two.

According to the ongoing track, Mami has stolen the golden bangles of Megha by replacing them with fake one. But unfortunately Mami’s son Tusshar will overhear her conversation and will come to know about the real facts and will later inform Megha, and eventually Aaji will come to know about everything. Read more…

Mi, Aaji Aur Saheb will triumph over Baba Aiso Var Dhoondo in Gyaan Guru!

The latest buzz making way says that Swastik PicturesGyaan Guru will soon have a special Ram Navami episode. During this special episode, actors from the shows, namely Mi, Aaji Aur Saheb and Baba Aiso Var Dhoondo, will be seen competing with each other.

It is known that the show is an attempt to help the Indian audiences know their customs and traditions better. And in this episode, husband-wife Jodi of Shreya More and Rajendra Shirsatkar will hold the flag from Mi, Aaji’s side, whereas mother-son pair of Juhi Aslam and Tabrez Khan will battle it out from the front of Baba Aiso… And finally, at the end of the episode, Shreya and Rajendra will emerge winners. Read more…

Aishwarya’s engagement will be called off in Mi, Aaji Aur Saheb!

The story of Imagine’s Mi, Aaji aur Saheb produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms showcases the close bond between Megha, Aaji and Saheb aka Vishwas. Now, to surprise the endearing viewers there is a new twist in the story to be seen in the coming episodes.

Presently the viewers have seen Nupur’s lust for money and how she considers her dear daughter Aishwarya as a mean of fulfilling her dreams of leading a luxurious life. So she is looking for a rich groom for her daughter. The girl has already rejected two grooms on the grounds of them being financially unstable. Moving on in the hunt of a rich groom, Aishwarya has given her approval for the third prospect Ashish because he is well settled and has sound background of money. Read more…

Priya Shinde to be seen in Me Ajji Aur Saheb!

Post her impressive cameos in shows like Geet Hui Sabse Parayi and ColorsHamari Saas Leela, the Splitsvilla fame babe, Priya Shinde is set for a new role.

She is back on small screen and this time around we’ll get to see her playing a parallel lead role in the newly launched Shakuntalam TelefilmsMe Ajji Aur Saheb on Imagine TV. Updating about her entry in the show and the kind of role she is going to essay, a source said, “The show will soon take a leap where Komal and Megha both would grow up and the story will carry forward with Priya Shinde essaying the role of Komal. Komal is a very intelligent and hard working girl but not as pretty as Megha. Megha on the other has the beauty but lacks the brains.” Read more…

Neha Pawar to make an entry in Imagine’s Mi, Aaji Aur Saheb!

Imagine TV’s newly launched daily, Mi, Aaji Aur Saheb helmed by Shakuntalam Telefilms is the story about a girl named Megha (Reema Sheikh) and her Aaji (Smita Oak).

It revolves around Megha’s friendship with Saheb aka Vishwas (Sandit Tiwari). As the viewers must have seen in the recent episodes, Megha has become friends with Saheb. And now in order to bring some spice in the drama, the creatives are planning to bring in a new face which subsequently will play Saheb’s love interest. Read more…