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Amita to open up Kajri’s real face in Amita Ka Amit!

December 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Sony TV’s Amita Ka Amit produced by Swastik Productions is currently revolving around the baby sitting of Amita’s (Chandni Bhagwanani) newborn boy baby. Being a father, Amit (Nishad Vaidya) has appointed a baby sitter who will help not only the baby but also the mother Amita in itsy-bitsy work.

But there is a twist in the tall. The baby sitter Kajri (Jayshree Soni) is having a mysterious plan here. So far one could notice that Amita is having a tough time with Kajri who feels that the former’s child is actually a re-incarnation of her deceased child and she is leaving no stones unturned to separate the mother and child so that she can take the little one away. Read more…

Amita to give birth to a healthy baby post leap sequence in Amita Ka Amit!

November 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Swastik Pictures’ production show Amita Ka Amit on Sony Entertainment Television has been making headlines recently as the show is on its verge of being pulled off air by the channel probably by the next month.

Though the off air date is not yet confirmed the makers are not leaving any stone unturned to keep its loyal audiences hooked with the storyline. First, they are ready to bring a new character in the story and secondly they will introduce another leap sequence in the show. Read more…

Chandni Bhagwanani got injured while shooting Amita Ka Amit!

Recently while shooting for her show Amita Ka Amit, lead protagonist Chandni Bhagwanani hurt herself. She was walking around the sets during the break time talking on her phone and suddenly her feet entrapped into some wires, lying on the ground. She unknowingly walked along with the fixed wire in her leg, and one of the set lights attached to that wire fell on her.

She got faint for a while and seeing her lying on the ground her unit member rushed in her rescue. Her co-star Nishad Vaidya aka Amit was also among those panicked members, who got highly worried for Chandni. They immediately took her to hospital where the doctor after examining her, thankfully found no serious injury. She prescribed her some medicines and discharged her from hospital. Read more…

Amita Ka Amit to take a six-month leap, confirms Nishad Vaidya!

Post the miscarriage of Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani), the show Amita Ka Amit on Sony TV will ahead for a short leap sequence in which audience will get to see she is leaving her husband Amit and go away. Protagonist Nishad Vaidya aka Amit also affirmed about the track saying he hope to get Amita back in his life after the leap.

“Our show is taking a leap of six months and I pray that wherever Amita is, she comes back. In the show, Amita and I had a discussion regarding our child. After pregnancy complications, the baby died. After that we again had a discussion and because of that she left home,” said Nishad. He was speaking from the sets while shooting for the particular sequence. Read more…

Amita to lose her baby in Sony TV’s Amita Ka Amit!

With Amita’s (Chandni Bhagwanani) pregnancy, everyone in the family is active with happiness and busy making different plans for the newcomer in their family. Sony TV’s Amita Ka Amit is running smooth with the pregnancy track, but soon there will be some jolts taking place in their life.

According to the sources soon there will be a party on Amita’s birthday where she will go into labour pain and will be rushed to the hospital. The family will be in for a shock when the doctors will inform that since it is a premature delivery they can only save either the mother or the child. Amit will obviously choose Amita over the baby. Read more…

Baby drama to take front seat in Amita Ka Amit!

September 19, 2013 Leave a comment

With a cute love story and the growth of relationship of a couple brought together by the age old concept of arranged marriage, Sony Entertainment Television’s popular family show Amita Ka Amit has touched the millions of hearts worldwide and now is set to display every more important aspect of any couple’s life, kids.

Yes, as seen so far Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani) is expecting her first baby that bounds to the happiness and gladness in the entire family. However, Amit (Nishad Vaidya) is seen little tensed about the same. He feels this is too early to have third person in his and Amita’s life. He is even not sure if this is the right time to have a baby. Thus, amid all this conspiracies, confusion and tense, he will go to have word with Amita that ends with disagreement and difference between two. Read more…

Fight, dance and drama ahead in Gokulashtami of Amita Ka Amit!

Its festival time on Sony Entertainment Television’s family show Amita Ka Amit, produced by Swastik Productions, wherein you will see some high-end drama drawn by Amit (Nishad Vaidya) and Siddhanth (Chirag Thakur) and also some lovey-dovey sequence between couple Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani) and Amit.

As seen in the ongoing track, Amita is preparing to play Radha in Gokulashtami occasion and Siddhanth being her choreographer is helping her to prepare her dance act. But, amid all, innocent Amit is getting envious seeing his wife matching her chemistry with Siddhanth, who plays Krishna in the act. Read more…

Chirag Thakkar to play arrogant choreographer in Amita Ka Amit!

Sony Entertainment Television’s family show Amita ka Amit has been throwing in some light-hearted comedy, romance and itsy-bitsy fights between lead protagonists Amit (Nishad Vaidya) and Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani).

Now, in an attempt to bring more drama in the plot, creative team is set to introduce a new character. They have roped in handsome actor Chirag Thakkar, who was last seen in Sony TV‘s Bade Ache Lagte Hai, to play an arrogant choreographer Siddharth. Read more…

Glue-bonding to be witnessed in Amita Ka Amit!

Get ready to witness some hilarious moment in the life of love stuck couple Amita and Amit (Chandni Bhagwanani and Nishad Vaidya) on Sony TV’ s romantic show Amita Ka Amit.

According to the sources, soon there will be a sequence when Amita will break a precious plate and in the run to fix it back, she and Amit will unknowingly get glued to each other by Fevicol. Sounds funny, right! Yes, the plot will open rib-tickling sequence when both will try their best to get rid off from the glueyness. Some romantic moments between their struggles will also happen before they part with each other. Read more…

Amita Ka Amit to witness a conflict between Amit and Jiggi!

Production house Swastik Productions is leaving no stone unturned to keep the audience glued to their TV screen. Next heard, there is soon going to be some high-voltage drama in Sony TV marriage drama Amita Ka Amit.

There will be some action sequence that are lined up by the maker that will begin when Jiggi (Paresh Bhatt) cousin of Amit (Nishad Vaidya)  will make his entry in the house. Jiggi is completely different from Amit in term of nature and character. Both will be seen as two opposite polls and have disagreements on slightest of issues. Read more…

Being a part of an epic is never easy, states Saurabbh Roy!

The luck is finally signing on actor Saurabbh Roy, as the chap is said to have bagged few important assignments. Last he made a cameo appearance in Sony TV’s Amita ka Amit, and now it is learnt that he will be seen playing Draupad in Mahabharata.

Saurabbh says, “Being a part of an epic is never easy and I have worked really hard on the character. Putting on that heavy attire, including all the jewellery and crown, is quite an experience! I loved the challenge and it has helped me immensely in growing as an actor.” Read more…

Amita Ka Amit will soon see the entry of Paresh Bhatt!

In the past few episodes there have been various twists and turns in Sony Entertainment Television‘s popular show Amita ka Amit, as it is presently showcasing the blossoming love between its lead Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani) and Amit (Nishad Vaidya).

Now the latest buzz has that the show will soon see a new entry in the form of Paresh Bhatt, popularly known as Mohan. Read more…

Amita and Amit try to impress each other in Sony TV’s Amita Ka Amit!

Sony TV’s Amita Ka Amit has finally reached to the track where two opposites (Amita and Amit) have developed attraction for each other. They couple got married by a arrange procedure and after that found that they are completely different in term of habits and nature, which is quite common in arrange marriages.

Now, with passage of time both have build up a liking for each other and will soon confess their love. Chandni Bhagwanani, who plays Amita, says that the two characters will now try to become each other’s dream partner. And her main aim is to become the kind of girl Amit wanted-slim, punctual and who takes care of the family members. Read more…

Amit heads towards US, while Amita give a miss to say him good bye in Amita Ka Amit!

Sony Entertainment Television‘s popular show Amita Ka Amit has been churning out some high intense drama lately, the misunderstanding level have been prevailing high between Amit (Nishad Vaidya) and wife Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani).

There will be more thrilling drama to be witness by audience in the coming episodes when Amit finally heads towards airport to go US for business work. Although he also wants Amita to accompany him, but due to the misconceptions he couldn’t managed to do so. Read more…

Amita Ka Amit to witness serious misunderstandings and heartbreaks!

Undoubtedly, Sony Entertainment Television’s family drama Amita Ka Amit, produced by Swastik Productions is certainly bound to keep audiences’ glued to their TV screens. Thanks to the unique and fresh storyline and effective performances by leads Amit (Nishad Vaidya) and Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani).

So far it was shown that romance was blooming between Amit and Amita, along with their regular dose of sweet fights. But, latest is that in the coming episodes there will be some tension in couple’s life. There will soon be some serious misunderstandings and heartbreaks. “In the coming episodes, Amita, who is under the impression that Amit is in a relationship with Antara (Leena Jumani), will feel that getting a divorce at this stage would be the right option for both. She will soon plan to confront Amit about her decision,” the source informed. Read more…