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Bijju to confess his love for Vidhi in Jamuna Paar!

March 31, 2012 1 comment

Imagine TV’s popular drama show Jamuna Paar is going to have some real twist and turns in the story. So far we have seen that Vidhi (Vidhi Parekh) has successfully managed to escape her Paris tour for two years, and will be seen spending some quality time with Bijju (Ankur Verma).

Sources inform that the story will move forward with both of them realizing their love towards each other and eventually Bijju will propose her. Read more…

Neha Sargam is dubbing for Vidhi Parekh in Jamuna Paar!

Newbie Vidhi Parekh might be doing a good job, as far as her facial expressions are concerned, in Imagine TV’s Jamuna Paar helmed by Rajan Shahi. But if you are in love with her voice then we guess the praises should fall in the kitty of Neha Sargam.

Last seen as Nivedita in Star PlusChand Chupa Badal Mein, which was also a Rajan Shahi production, Neha is the face behind Vidhi’s voice in the show. It has been learnt that Vidhi’s original voice is not used in the show owing to the lack of voice modulation that Vidhi has. Though Neha is currently busy with Imagine’s Haar Jeet but she did it all because of her mentor Rajan, after all he was the one to introduce her in town. Read more…

Bijju’s fight will make Vidhi cancel her trip to Paris in Jamuna Paar!

So far you must have seen that the lead pair from Rajan Shahi’s Jamuna Paar aired on Imagine TV shares a relationship which seems quite dichotomized.

Despite the never ending misunderstandings they share, there is a bond which holds them together. And this is when Bijju (Ankur Verma) and Vidhi (Vidhi Parekh) find themselves struggling with the emotional turmoil. As seen in the show currently, Bijju is upset over the fact that Vidhi is flying off to Paris for a period of two years. Read more…