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Tanisha get annoyed as Armaan getting close to Kushal and Ajaz!

December 14, 2013 Leave a comment

It is clearly seen in Bigg Boss 7 house that Tanisha Mukherji hates her contemporaries-Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan. She gets irritated with their presence around her and in the last episode it was seen that she even could not bear if her close friend Armaan Kohli talks to any of them.

She is seen aggravated with Armaan because he is spending more time with her enemies inside the Bigg Boss house, Gauahar and Kushal. While Armaan along with the other housemates are seated in the garden area chit-chatting, Tanisha makes a sudden exit from the conversation creating an awkward situation for Armaan. He soon finds Tanisha seated in the lobby of the washroom and out of concern, he decides to discuss the matter with her. Read more…

Sachiin Joshi feels Gauhar Khan is using Kushal and Azaj Khan in Bigg Boss 7!

December 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Last episode of Bigg Boss 7 was high in glamour and entertainment quotient. Bollywood actors Sunny Leone and Sachin Joshi made an appearance on the show and seen promoting their film Jackpot. They formed quite an interesting atmosphere for the housemates, except one contestant Gauhar Khan, who got a bit of reality from Sachiin Joshi.

Former contestant and actress Sunny made a brief but enjoyable appearance at the house during a dating task and danced with contestants Kushal, Armaan and Ajaz. The latter ultimately won the task and took the beautiful actress for a romantic date organised by Bigg Boss. Read more…

Bigg Boss 7 witnessing a new friendship among Armaan-Kushal-Gauhar!

December 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Things are getting more and more heated inside the Bigg Boss house with each passing day. It seems the Ticket To Finale task has created individualism among the eight contestants as they have turned selfish because there can be only one winner.

On Day 2 of the task, Armaan, Kushal and Gauhar were seen restless, having been knocked out from the running to being a part of the Bigg Boss Grand Finale. While other five contestants, Sangram, Tanisha, Kamya, Andy and Ajaz are still active to win the race. Bigg Boss introduces the Rajneeti task where they all are asked to be the leaders. They are required to influence the followers – Gauahar, Kushal and Armaan who have a neutral stand and gain their support. Read more…

Gauhar-Kushal-Armaan out of Ticket to finale run!

December 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Year’s most talked TV show Bigg Boss 7 is just two weeks away from the finale. The competition is heating up in the house among its eight contestants-Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon, Tanisha Mukherji, Armaan Kohli, VJ Andy, Sangram Singh, Ajaz Khan and Kamya Punjabi.

In the last episode, Bigg Boss assigned some interesting tasks to the housemate giving them an opportunity to secure a position in the show’s Grand Finale with the Ticket to Finale task. Bigg Boss re-introduces the best of the previous tasks and divided the housemate into two teams who will compete against each other. Team A has Armaan, Tanishaa, Andy and Sangram while Team B includes Kushal, Gauahar, Kamya and Ajaz. The winning team is given the power to evict the weakest performer of the opposition team. Read more…

Sofia Hayat is evicted from Bigg Boss 7!

December 9, 2013 Leave a comment

The British singer-cum-actress Sofia Hayat, who entered as a wild card entrant a few weeks back, is dropped out from Bigg Boss 7 house. Though initially, she entered the caravan section of the house, she soon stepped into the main Bigg Boss house where she mingled with all the contestants. She came out with a lot of spunk and never-say-die attitude in the show.

However, post her fight with housemate Armaan Kohli, she was not feeling good in the house. Even at a point of time, she managed to create controversies and demanded to evict Armaan from the house. During a task Armaan supposedly hit the lady with the mop stick and she wanted to move out of the house. Read more…

Kushal is disappointed to see Gauhar getting close to Armaan in Bigg Boss!

December 4, 2013 Leave a comment

As expected Armaan Kohli’s re-entry in Bigg Boss house brought new troubles for many housemates. While Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon and Kamya Punjabi seen not very pleasant on his comeback, Tanisha Mukherji, Andy and Sangram was seen ecstatic finding their best friend back in the house.

Gauhar and Kushal were seen talking to each other about avoiding Armaan and Tanisha. Gauhar and Kushal have had no qualms in admitting that they hate the fact that Armaan is back in the house after getting evicted over the weekend. Moreover, they are looking at his re-entry as a challenge because it has reduced their chances of winning the show. Read more…

Armaan’s return rise to problems in Bigg Boss house!

December 3, 2013 Leave a comment

It was a non-elimination week in Bigg Boss 7 house, but the contestants were not aware of it. Armaan Kohli was asked to pack his bag by Salman Khan and he left the house. But after placing him 2 days in the bonus room, Bigg Boss, being the smartest player, brought him back to the main house. Armaan’s re-entry in the house was a big shocker for many, like Kushal Tandon, Ajaz Khan and Gauhar Khan among more.

But the one who was extremely excited open his re-entry was none other than Tanisha Mukherji, who jumped out of her seat to welcome her love interest. Tanisha silently accepted her love for Armaan while he was leaving the house. She said she loves him and will definitely meet him outside the house. Armaan, who stayed 2 days in the bonus room with all provided necessities, got to see inside the house through private cameras. Read more…

Kushal and Sangram enjoying Armaan’s exit from Bigg Boss 7!

December 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Bigg Boss is well-known for its surprising twists and turns. Recently, they crafted a fake elimination and Armaan got evicted in the process. Everybody thought he is out from the show but Armaan has been shifted to the bonus room where he was welcomed by host of the show Salman Khan. Salman introduced him about the plan of BB.

In the bonus room Armaan will also get live feeds from the house. After watching few clippings of the contestants, he finds that Kushal and Sangram are joyous about his exit while Tanisha and Andy are visibly upset. Read more…

Gauhar Khan cries for Kushal Tandon in Bigg Boss 7!

November 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Not just the audience and followers of Kushal Tandon have been waiting for his comeback in reality show Bigg Boss 7, after his abrupt dismissal from the house, but his closest friend Gauhar Khan is also waiting for his return with bated breath. It appears the clock to be endlessly ticking away and the wait doesn’t seem to end for her. She was seen crying and getting nostalgic in the last few episodes and was sharing her inside feeling with pet dog Heaven in the house.

In the Weekend the Wow episode, Salman Khan picked up the topic of Kushal while interacting with Gauhar. The host of the show raised Kushal’s return and asked for everybody’s opinion, Gauahar has been expecting his return and was found staying aloof most of the time. Gauhar found solace in Heaven and shared her feelings with him. However, she couldn’t hold back her tears while she was talking to him. She would stare at the door with the hope that Kushal would enter sometime soon. Read more…

Candy’s exit likely to make Kushal Tandon re-entry on Bigg Boss 7!

November 11, 2013 Leave a comment

A week ago, contestant Kushal Tandon created some unavoidable hullabaloos that lead him out of the Bigg Boss 7 house. But, citing his unfair exit (believed by a big percentage of BB followers), it was supposed that Kushal will make re-entry on the show. However, viewers haven’t got to see him back till date.

Now, if sources to believed, Kushal will enter the house tonight and will probably be seen in tomorrow’s episode. However, with Candy Brar’s eviction last Saturday, the whole funda behind Candy’s entry in Bigg Boss house went in vain. Read more…

Kushal Tandon to return in Bigg Boss 7 this week!

November 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Much has been said and written about the thought-provoking exit of Kushal Tandon from the reality show Bigg Boss 7. Now, if sources have to be believed the TV heart throb is likely to make re-entry on the show this week and continue his journey along with other participants. The makers are currently working on the format that will allow him to go back and soon after their planning get over he will join the show again.

Sources inform that Kushal, who was dismissed from the Bigg Boss house after he became aggressive to housemate Andy, might enter the show once again. The young lad, who was in home town Lucknow celebrating Diwali has packed his bags and will be arriving in Mumbai on November 5, 2013. Read more…

I respect Salman Khan a lot and I am not against him, says Kushal Tandon!

November 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Television actor Kushal Tandon might have got an earful from actor Salman Khan for his bad behaviour, but he says he has nothing against the host of reality show Bigg Boss 7 and still considers him his inspiration.  In one of the episodes of the show last week Salman had slammed Kushal for insulting actor Tanisha Mukherji, misbehaving with her and also attempting to escape from the Bigg Boss house.

Kushal got dismissed from the Bigg Boss house after he got into a violent encounter with contestant VJ Andy. About Salman Khan, he said, “I don’t want to say anything about Salman Khan. It was his choice. Salman is one person whom I respect and consider him my inspiration. He might be biased towards Tanisha because he knows her since childhood, but everybody can see what is right and what is wrong.” Read more…

Salman Khan was biased towards Tanisha, says Kushal Tandon!

October 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Bigg Boss’ ex-inmate Kushal Tandon speaks out about the whole controversy happened in the house this week, which leads to his exit from the house. He is evicted by Bigg Boss after getting violent with housemate Andy. Gauhar Khan, her closest friends in the house, too, had joined him taking voluntary exit from the house.

Speaking about the reaction of Salman Khan where he slammed on Kushal for being rude to housemate Tanisha Mukerji last weekend, Kushal, 29, feels that Salman was biased towards her and lashed out at him for wrong reasons. He said, “I was a huge fan of Salman. I did not expect that Salman bhai will do this to me. But I also understand his emotions. He is emotional like me and I could relate to him. It was his personal decision but he was biased towards Tanisha. I haven`t done anything wrong.” Read more…

Who is Vivek Mishra …, asks Candy Brar!

October 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Model-turned-corporate professional Candy Brar, who entered in Bigg Boss house after very much controversial statement by ex- contestant of Bigg Boss Vivek Mishra as he commented on her personal life. She is very disappointed with Vivek Mishra who maligned her reputation during his stay on the show. Candy refuses to recognise Vivek Mishra she said, “I don’t know Vivek, who is he..? I don’t even remember meeting him ever. He took my name to get footage. I wanted to give him a piece of his mind but it is his good luck that he is not in the house. How can anyone be so irresponsible?”

Brar, who is the friend of current captain of the house Kushal Tandon, said her main aim to enter the house is to present her real self “Vivek Mishra had said a lot about me without knowing me personally. I am not a reality show buff but I am entering the show to present my real self,” Said Brar. Read more…

Gauhar takes voluntarily exit after Kushal’s eviction by Bigg Boss!

October 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Friendship stands above than any contract and commitment and this is what Gauhar Khan proved in Bigg Boss 7 house. After a verbal-spat between Andy and Kushal Tandon, which was held because Andy did some unethical things to Gauhar during the task called-Ignore The Obvious, Kushal lashed out at him and forced him with his neck. Andy called this as a physical attack on him that led Bigg Boss to announce a strong decision that is Kushal’s directly evicted from the house.

In the last episode, one could notice that after the Ignore the obvious task, for which Andy was required to irritate the inmates and grab their attention. During the task, Andy commented on Gauhar’s lingerie, much to her annoyance. Once the task ended, there was an emotional outburst from Gauahar, who felt that Andy was disrespectful. Soon, an enraged Kushal approached Andy and almost grabbed his neck. However, he was stopped at the right time. Read more…