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Tanisha Mukherjee accused Gauhar in Bigg Boss 7!

October 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Bigg Boss house became a pasture of clashes last night where Tanisha Mukherjee was the high point. After Jannatwasis lost in the task of Shaitan and Farishte, they were asked to stay in the garden area around the pool and only two people could enter the house premises at one time.

While Gauhar Khan was serving breakfast to everybody, Elli Avram enters the kitchen saying that she needs paratha without oil but was asked to leave by Gauhar considering she was breaking the rule. She goes out crying and complaining to Tanisha about this whole incident. Read more…


Tanisha seems to be ignoring Armaan post Salman Khan’s warning in Bigg Boss 7!

October 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Post the notice by Information and Broadcasting ministry to Bigg Boss 7 for the unethical scenes seen between the contestants that are not appropriate for the universal audience, the show host Salman Khan was expected to warn the housemates who were involved in intimate behaviour in front of camera.

The actor picked the most sophisticated way to deliver his warning to none other than Armaan and Tanisha Mukherjee on the show recently. He simply said, “Armaan and Tanisha, I just wanted to inform you that there are 84 cameras in the house, and that’s it.” His indirect warning seems to have worked well on both the contestants, who are now seen to be maintaining distance from each other. Post the warning episodes, one could easily notice that Tanisha is trying to avoid Armaan as much as possible. Read more…

Tanisha-Armaan inspired from Kushal-Gauhar, says latest evictee Ratan Rajput!

October 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Telly actress Ratan Rajput, who became fourth contestant to get eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss 7, says she is extremely happy being evicted from the house where she lived the most difficult days of her life. She survived four weeks in the show. “You cannot imagine how happy and relaxed I am. These few weeks inside the Bigg Boss house were the most difficult days of my life and I think that whoever gets out of the house should get a grand salute,” shared Ratan.

As it was her second reality show after Ratan Ka Swayamvar, Ratan says there is no comparison to both shows. “I cannot compare Bigg Boss with any other reality show. I was treated as a princess in Swayamvar and here we had to slog for our daily needs,” she said. Read more…

When Bigg Boss mocked Kushal Tondon?

October 12, 2013 Leave a comment

A very interesting analogy says love is like cough, cannot be hidden for long. And something is clear in the case of Kushal Tondon and Gauhar Khan, the popular contestants of Bigg Boss house season 7. We saw how other inmates have been making comments and gossiping about the equation of Kushal and Gauhar. But last episode turned amusing when even Bigg Boss came in to tease the lovebirds.

In the last few episodes, it was seen that the swap between jannat-wasis and jahannum-wasis have turned lucky for Gauhar, who sadly gets to be separated from Kushal in the procedure. But, to pamper her mood, other housemate nominated her for the post of captain in the house. Read more…

Gauhar is a big drama queen, says Asif Azim’s real life girlfriend!

October 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Bigg Boss 7 contestant Asif Azim’s real life girlfriend Candice Pinto seems to be irked with Gauhar Khan’s statement on her beau that he was checking her out on the show. She is furious on Gauhar for speaking on national television that Asif was being cheap. She calls Gauhar a big drama queen who loves being the centre of attraction. Candice even commented on Gauhar’s PDA with Kushal Tondon on the show.

Expressing her anger for the model-turned-actress Gauhar, Candice Pinto said, “Gauhar said that, after knowing her for four years, Asif was checking her out in the house. So my question to her is that, does she only know this much about her friend? Is appreciating a girl’s dressing sense a proof of cheapness? Actually, she is a big drama queen and loves being the centre of attraction. It has always been like that. If she is so concerned about ethics, then what are she and Kushal doing? They play with each other’s hair, hold hands and call each other just friends. As far as I know, Kushal and Gauhar are both seeing other people outside the house. Everyone’s just licking everyone’s a** to increase TRPs.” Read more…

Why Gauhar Khan refused to eat in Bigg Boss 7?

With the luxury budget task announcement, Bigg Boss 7 kept hell-mates busy in minting fake money. In the task- aamdani athhani, kharcha rupaiya, jahannum-wasis have to mint money and have to pay to heaven mates if they want anything from the jannat-side.

They have to buy all items whether it is their food, water to drink or hot water to bathe, from the opposite side. They have also asked to deposit first 500 notes as a safe deposit since they are also acting as the bank. The Capitan Kamya has liberty to fix prices of the things that are for sale. Read more…

Did Bigg Boss for money, says latest evictee Anita Advani!

After staying three weeks inside the Bigg Boss house, contestant Anita Advani was evicted from the reality show. For most of the contestants, this elimination arrive as a dream comes true as it was earlier discussed by them in the house that Anita is the most unfit contestant to be there.

Meanwhile Anita, who claims to be late superstar Rajesh Khanna‘s live-in partner, is very disappointed with her sudden exit and admits that money, was one of the prime reasons behind her participation in the show. “I am really disappointed and the news of my eviction came as a shock to me. Because I shared a very nice and cordial relationship with everyone in the house and I believe that worked against me as I didn’t play dirty politics. So when I was evicted I was surprised. But I am happy with my stay in the Bigg Boss house as it helped me break my depression,” said Anita after being evicted out from the house. Read more…