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Popular Band RDB to enthrall Bigg Boss contestants and audience!

December 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Bigg Boss 7 finale is three weeks to go and the creative team is all set to enthrall its fans and contestants with each passing day. They have invited pop music sensation, RDB, a highly popular UK-based Punjabi and hip hop band that stands for Rhythm, Dhol and Bass. The band has recently hit the top at chartbusters with Tamanche Pe Disco song from the film Bullet Raja.

The band is slated to enter the house a week prior to the finale. They will aim to calm the stressed nerves of the contestants by performing some of their peppy numbers live. Ankit Khanna, the manager of the band confirmed the news saying, “Being huge Salman Khan fans, they accepted the offer immediately. It also helped that they are currently in India to promote Tamanche pe disco.” Read more…

Sofia Hayat is evicted from Bigg Boss 7!

December 9, 2013 Leave a comment

The British singer-cum-actress Sofia Hayat, who entered as a wild card entrant a few weeks back, is dropped out from Bigg Boss 7 house. Though initially, she entered the caravan section of the house, she soon stepped into the main Bigg Boss house where she mingled with all the contestants. She came out with a lot of spunk and never-say-die attitude in the show.

However, post her fight with housemate Armaan Kohli, she was not feeling good in the house. Even at a point of time, she managed to create controversies and demanded to evict Armaan from the house. During a task Armaan supposedly hit the lady with the mop stick and she wanted to move out of the house. Read more…

Armaan’s return rise to problems in Bigg Boss house!

December 3, 2013 Leave a comment

It was a non-elimination week in Bigg Boss 7 house, but the contestants were not aware of it. Armaan Kohli was asked to pack his bag by Salman Khan and he left the house. But after placing him 2 days in the bonus room, Bigg Boss, being the smartest player, brought him back to the main house. Armaan’s re-entry in the house was a big shocker for many, like Kushal Tandon, Ajaz Khan and Gauhar Khan among more.

But the one who was extremely excited open his re-entry was none other than Tanisha Mukherji, who jumped out of her seat to welcome her love interest. Tanisha silently accepted her love for Armaan while he was leaving the house. She said she loves him and will definitely meet him outside the house. Armaan, who stayed 2 days in the bonus room with all provided necessities, got to see inside the house through private cameras. Read more…

Kushal and Sangram enjoying Armaan’s exit from Bigg Boss 7!

December 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Bigg Boss is well-known for its surprising twists and turns. Recently, they crafted a fake elimination and Armaan got evicted in the process. Everybody thought he is out from the show but Armaan has been shifted to the bonus room where he was welcomed by host of the show Salman Khan. Salman introduced him about the plan of BB.

In the bonus room Armaan will also get live feeds from the house. After watching few clippings of the contestants, he finds that Kushal and Sangram are joyous about his exit while Tanisha and Andy are visibly upset. Read more…

I requested inmates to vote Andy as their next captain, says his mother!

November 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Recently the family members of Bigg Boss 7 contestants visited their loved ones entering in the house during a special luxury budget task. For Andy’s mother it was a memorable experience and here is what she has to say.

“It was a wonderful experience meeting everyone inside the house as they greeted me with gratitude. I met Andy and he was surprised seeing me inside the Bigg Boss house. I had a long chat with all the inmates and asked them why don’t they make my child the captain? Read more…

I knew that I will be evicted this week, says Elli Avram!

November 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Mickey Virus actress Elli Avram, who got eliminated from Bigg Boss house on Saturday night, has all good things to say about Salman Khan, and feels that he is not at all biased, and he rather shares information that comes to him from the viewers.

At the same time, she said that Salman is a great host, and contestants should stop arguing with him, and should respect him. “Salmanji has always tried to explain contestants and direct them whenever they are going wrong. He is a great host. He always shared information that came to him from the audiences’. Salman helped and motivated all of us whenever we were feeling low. Read more…

I don’t know why Salman Khan was so nice to me, says Elli Avram!

November 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Elli Avram, the actress and model of Swedish-Greek origin, who has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss – Saath 7 house can’t hide her gratitude for the warmth that the reality show’s host and Bollywood star Salman Khan‘s extended to her during the show.

“I don’t know why he was so nice to me. He is a big superstar. And his kindness meant a lot to me. I think he sensed that I was all alone in Bigg Boss house. The only foreigner. He helped me feel comfortable in Bigg Boss by just the way he spoke to me. Of course, I soon became comfortable in there. I’ve learnt a lot of Hindi in there,” said Elli, who was evicted on Saturday. Read more…