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Navi Bhangu was ousted from Amrit Manthan because of his big attitude!

TV actor Navi Bhangu had successfully bagged a decent fan following playing the lead Agam Life OK and Director’s Kut’s Amrit Manthan.

But sadly, this sudden exit from the show didn’t create any outburst from fans and it was all accepted without much fuss. Apparently, the reason behind this is said to be Navi’s big attitude. However, Navi always claimed that his death was got in just to spike up the ratings. He always stated that Angad Hasija’s entry was brought in to revive the show. Read more…


Amrit to change for good in Amrit Manthan!

Offering a combination of entertainment and social massage, Life OK’s popular show Amrit Manthan is coming to present something innovative with Holi celebration episode. It will make people aware of using Holi colors which are chemical free and harmless.

In a special Holi sequence, they will bring the antagonist Amrit (Adaa Khan) as a transformed girl who is concerned about other people. As known, she is getting changed for Nimrit‘s (Ankita Sharma) daughter Bani and in the coming episode she will reach at the palace after long 7 years just to meet Bani. Read more…

Amrit Manthan to bring in some more drama!

Amrit Manthan has been going good so far, but now as it has become tedious in its pace, the makers of the show have realized to bring in some twists and turns and drama into the show.

Sources say that Agam (Navi Bhangu) will decide to open up a restaurant in front of his wife Nimrit’s (Ankita Sharma) dhaba along with Amrit (Adaa Khan). When Nimrit’s and Agam’s daughter come to know about it, she pleads Agam not to open it up at the spot. Read more…

Adaa Khan gets inspired by Bollywood actor Rekha!

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Rajan Shahi‘s Amrit Manthan aired on Life OK, is the only show after Mahadev that has managed to strike the chord with the masses. The show recently witnessed a leap and even a time slot change. Now aired at the 7:30pm slot, Amrit Manthan will soon see an important swimming pool sequence.

Buzz states that Amrit aka Adaa Khan, the antagonist of the show, will throw Agam (Navi Bhangu) – who is scared of water – in the pool. Read more…

Agam will fail to recognize his daughter in Amrit Manthan!

February 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Director’s Kut ProductionsAmrit Manthan, on Life OK, has recently experienced a leap and is now churning out interesting twists at the new time slot of 7:30pm.

The upcoming episodes will unfold major mysteries. Surces say that Agam (Navi Bhangu), who has lost his memory, will be unable to recognize anything. Later he will bump into his and Nimrit‘s (Ankita Sharma) daughter. Though he will fail to recognize her but would get emotionally attached to her not knowing that fact that he is her father. Read more…

The best of Amrit Manthan is going to come up, says Rajan Shahi!

February 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Rajan Shahi‘s Amrit Manthan on Life OK recently took a giant leap and is presently showcasing some new tracks in order to woo the masses. Not just this, it is even up for a slot change and from February 18, it will start getting aired at the 7:30pm slot.

The upcoming episodes of the show will witness some high points and major confrontation. Sources say that a big party sequence is awaited in the upcoming episodes of the show which will lead to some high voltage drama. Viewers will see Nimrit‘s (Ankita Sharma) child getting slapped by Amrit (Adaa Khan). Read more…

Amrit Manthan is about to take 7 years leap!

January 31, 2013 3 comments

Director Kut‘s Amrit Manthan on Life OK has been churning out some high voltage drama in its recent episodes.  Now, in an attempt to grab more eyeballs the creative team has written a leap of 7 years where the character of Agham (Navi Bhangu) will be shown dead.

According to sources, the character of Agham though shown dead will re surface after a gap. “Nimrit (Ankita Sharma) will be a mother of two kids named Gurbaani and Jyoti, Agham will be missing from the scenario. Nimrit’s twin sister essayed by Dimple Jhangiani will be grown as an established superstar where as Amrit (Adaa Khan) will be seen in a complete different look wearing jeans, trousers and designer dresses,” added source. Read more…