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Chhavi Pandey hurt herself while shooting Ek Boond Ishq!

Ek Boond Ishq lead Chhavi Pandey is under the weather now. She was recently hurt on the sets while shooting a dangerous sequence wherein Mrytunjay (Viraf Patel) dragged her on the ground to a place where he tried to assault her. It was a painful sequence for Chhavi who was hurt by a heavy tyre, which fell on her leg and injured it badly that much that she cannot walk properly. She has been limping ever since the accident happened.

Now, latest news from the sets has that Chhavi has again got hurt on the sets, and this time not only once but three times. It seems somebody have put a hex on her. Recently, a chair fell on her head which was actually meant to fall close to the camera. This was to be followed by one more accident but thankfully it was stopped by co-actor Viraf Patel. There was a lamp that was falling on the head of Chhavi but Viraf reached on time and saved her from being hurt. Unit person said, “While she almost fainted, the actor out of sheer dedication continued to shoot. While being dragged to the place of assault her leg bumped into Viraf’s and she broke her toe nail.” Read more…

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