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Sanchi to feel jealous of Dhruv-Ankita’s closeness in Jee Le Zara!

December 10, 2013 Leave a comment

With the entry of Dhruv’s (Ruslaan Mumtaz) childhood friend Ankita, played by Hunar Hali, Sony TV’s odd-love story Jee Lee Zara has turned more spicy and interesting. The beautiful girl is not only rising up the glamour quotient in the show but also making the storyline effective.

The love interest of Dhruv, Sanchi (Sangeeta Ghosh) will get really jealous by Ankita- Dhruv’s long friendship. Ankita and Dhruv have known each other since years and are quite close to each other. But, being a lover, Sanchi is not feeling comfortable with their closeness. Read more…

Hunar Hali clears the rumor about dating Abhishek Malik!

It seems there is a season of breakups running in television arena. Recently the buzz stated that co-stars of Rab Se Sona Ishq, Ekta Kaul and Kanan Malhotra, who reportedly got engaged, recently walked out from the relationship and broke up.

However, latest buzz states about Hunar Hali that she has also moved out from her alleged relationship with Abhishek Malik. The actors, who did Colors’ show Chhal Sheh Aur Maat together, where continuously in headlines due to their relationship. Gossipmonger says both met on the sets and fell in love with each other. But their chemistry didn’t last long and both headed for a break up. Clarifying her side, Hunar Hali said, “We were never dating each other in fact we are still good friends and earlier too we were good friends.” Read more…

Hunar Hali bags a role in Akshay Kumar’s film!

January 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Year 2012 might have made her debut show as a lead biting the dust very soon but looks like 2013 is all going to be lucky for Hunar Hali.

Hunar, who played the lead in Colors’ suspense based drama Chhal Sheh Aur Maat, is said to have bagged a role in Khiladi aka Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film, Naam Hai Boss. Sources say that Hunar’s work was noticed by the film’s casting director, who immediately sent her pictures to Akshay’s office. Read more…

Hunar Hali talks of working strategies followed on small screen!

October 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Last seen in ColorsChhal- Sheh Aur Maat, in the dual characters of Aditi and Neha, actress Hunar Hali is quite sad over the show’s early exit.

Despite boasting off a different plot and something different from the regular saas-bahu drama seen on the screen, Chhal couldn’t survive the competition for long.  It aired its last episode on October 5 and the only reason which made the show bite the dust was low TRP range. Read more…

Hunar Hali gets candid over the failure of Chhal Sheh Aur Maat!

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

A lot of people are going to be distress by Chhal Sheh Aur Maat shutting down, which has been announced as 5th October 2012. The leading actress Hunar Hali, who is better known with Aditi’s character, says she is against the depiction and experimentation process done by makers.

She believes some amendments and little lesser rambling to the story could have helped it survive. The actress, who got fame with Sasural Genda Phool, says, “I think the start of the show itself did not work in our favor, for a wife can never take revenge from her husband in an Indian household. And that’s exactly what happened between Aditi and Kabir (Avinesh Rekhi). No wonder, the audience could not accept it. Had I been Neha, things would have been lot better.” Read more…

Big twist with Aditi’s death sequence about to play in Chhal Sheh Aur Maat!

August 25, 2012 1 comment

Currently the CVs of many of the hit dailies running on various channels are hit with the sickness syndrome! Well, don’t take us otherwise as we are pointing towards the disease factor ruling the shows.

As known, leading ladies of many shows, for example Maanvi (Niaa Sharma) of Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, Indira (Rati Pandey) of Hitler Didi, Toasty (Aishwarya Sakhuja) of Saas Bina Sasural, all are suffering from some or the other deadly disease. Read more…

Dadi will make new plans against Kabir and Aditi!

The audience witnessed new twists and turns in ColorsChhal Sheh Aur Maat as Dadi (Madhumalti) was trying her level best to create troubles in the way of Kabir (Avinesh Rekhi) and Aditi (Hunar Hali). Now, things will get more difficult for them.

In the earlier episodes Ditanjali (Arishfa Khan) came as a blessing for both of them.  She saved the couple a lot of times with her special powers of foreseeing the future though Dadi had a belief that her powers don’t work during new moon (Amavasya) day. In the last episode her doubt turned into reality. Read more…

Madhumalti coming to add more thrill in Chhal Shah Aur Maat!

After adding a horror element on the Colors’ show Chhal Shah Aur Maat, now the makers have more thrilling plot to deliver to the audience by bringing new character in the story!

First we have news on the child actor Muskan Uppal who is currently playing Ditaljali, she will be replaced by a new girl Arishfa Khan. And her entry will be seen from this Friday’s (10 August 2012) episode. And secondly, if buzz is to believe then one more character is joining the team to spike up the rating. Read more…

Chhal Sheh Aur Maat to go paranormal way now!

As seen, the mystery element in the show vanished with the face of Sarkar (Ija, played by Aishwarya Narkar) being revealed on ColorsChhal Sheh Aur Maat, produced by 24 Frames.

But now it is all set to bring a horror plot to run on the show. The show will soon meet thrilling content and focus on the drama genre wherein the clash between Ija and Aditi (Hunar Hali) is being played upon. As witnessed, Aditi met the girl at the hospital when Abhinav (Aamir Dalvi) was admitted there. After the death of the girl’s mother, Aditi has brought her home. Read more…

Misunderstandings to be erased between Kabir and Aditi in Chhal Sheh Aur Maat!

Its season of surprises in Chhal Sheh Aur Maat and here comes the trail of suspense and drama to be unleashed. It’s known that viewers of Chhal… have been witnessing lots of twists and turns and there would be no difference in this tradition and the makers are ready with another turn in Neha (Hunar Hali) and Kabir’s (Avinash Rekhi)  life.

Kabir, who was feeling his heart beating and blooming for Neha would get close to her and there would be an intimate cozy scene to witness. The love story would have another turn as Kabir will come to know that Neha is Aditi and she was hiding this fact. Read more…

Abhishek Malik bids adieu to Chhal Sheh Aur Maat!

Nothing is static in this world and the world of television is not an exception in this case. Very often it happens that initially, television stars get crucial role in the serials but gradually their character tend to lose its significance and they are left with no option apart from quitting the serial.

Buzz is that T.V star Abhishek Malik is going through the same phase presently. The actor made a debut as Rishi in ColorsChhal Sheh Aur Maat and now he has decided to quit the show. The serial airs in prime time and has a stiff competition with Diya Aur Baati Hum and Pavitra Rishta. The show is an intriguing tale of a girl Neha aka Hunar Hali who is enjoying her marital life with her husband Rishi aka Abhishek Malik, her whole life get twisted when one morning she wakes up with a stranger Kabir aka Avinesh Rekhi. Read more…

Low TRP can bring Color’s thrilling show Chhal Sheh Aur Maat under troubles!

Barely two months down the road and Colors’ suspense thriller Chhal Sheh Aur Maat is in speculation that the channel may take a call on the show. The 24 Fame production’s show was launched replacing Phulwa at 9 pm with lots of promises.

But now the telly town is buzzing about its weak performance and leaking TRP and popularity, source informed that the multiple twists and turns in the personality of lead Neha (Hunar Hali) turning negative, is confusing the public and hence the show’s numbers are not really jumping (latest 1.7 TVR). Read more…

Hunar and me are just close friends, avers Abhishek Malik!

Buzz always come parallel that the lead actors of TV show do get involved with each other while shooting but in case of Hunar Hali and Abhishek Malik of ColorsChhal Sheh Aur Mat, something seems to be budding pretty quickly.

Remember that we had reported out that the duo was getting way to comfy with each other at the press launch of the show. Now when quizzed to Abhishek about the real story between them,  this Delhi model said, “I don’t know if something will happen but right now we are very cool buddies. We had never told the media even then and I don’t know how you guys make such deductions?” Read more…

Dakssh Ajit Singh to play Abhinav in Chhal Sheh Aur Maat!

24 Frames’ debut show on Colors, Chhal Sheh Aur Maat is doing pretty well but it still has to prove its worth and secure some eye-catching TRPs on the charts.

The track is going the right way and is able to arouse the curiosity among the viewers and to spice up the existing drama; CVs are planning for a new entry. Buzz has it that Dakssh Ajit Singh who was last seen essaying the role of Gaurav in Maryada Lekin Kab Tak, might be the new entrant in the show. Read more…

Aditi will get to know the truth about Kabir in Chhal Sheh Aur Maat!

Special and uniqueness in serials has been always welcomed by the television lovers and admired by the television industry. In the same mode Colors suspense and thrilling show Chhal Sheh Aur Maat has become the eye catch for all these days.

The plot will soon hit a major milestone in terms of storytelling when Aditi aka Hunar Hali will find out who had attempted to murder her. It’s heard that the person playing the major chhal will be revealed this week. The promo for this major twist in the tale will be aired in a few days time. And the aftermath to this will be whether Kabir (Avinesh Rekhi) and Aditi get together to fight the enemy? Read more…


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